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IF this article is proper and correct these troopers never deserver being in uniform They're disgrace for the United states of america flag and constitution….Give up/retire that will be by guidance to you. You don't have any clue what Muslim is and What exactly are they able off.

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yes you’d understand how to offer with tranquil Muslims …. ISIS must have you on their strike checklist you coward, look at how immediately you pea pea and disappear

I sincerely hope this is the lie. With each of the infringements occurring with our rights you decide on to defend Islam, a theocracy, an ideology that will eliminate all non believers. This must be a lie. Combating for the rights of Muslims although not the American people today.

Hundreds away from tens of 1000's LOL Hillary’s team have to of compensated great money for this media spin story to show it into anything It isn't.

What, with fists or with boxing gloves? Those people are about the only two alternatives you might have, and so they don’t glimpse good.

Which Realtor millionaire, Hill or Trump? They need to all be rounded up for generating housing unaffordable. I like how T is forcing the candidates to respond to his rants, things they would rather not Convey their deep darkish viewpoints about such things as building a similar migrant mistakes France and Germany have produced.

u howly hicks are the greatest explanation behind any terrorist to Stay, for those who have been removed terrorists would just fade absent, consider your self cancer

You’re these kinds of blinded fool that you are able to’t see that I don’t attack the Bible. It attacks by itself.

Might be, Or perhaps it’s that Saudi Prince that's so eager to palm his fellow Muslims off on to useful reference US as an alternative to take them in about there. Sorta makes ya speculate how much that might have “been well worth” also him.

I will need to have skipped a thing, I believed Trump mentioned to stop all Muslim’s from getting into the nation right up until they can repair the refugee/immigration difficulty? Can an individual notify me when he stated we're deporting all of important site these within the region? I assumed that was illegals.

lol how much electrical power do you believe the president has? He has government motion (which can be vetoed) and his veto energy (which can be vetoed) and the chance to pick judges.

what’s the make any difference there lawnmower boy… TRUTH harm your wittle inner thoughts? You wittle lapdog libtard….

Why aren’t they combating Obama about his treason? I'll let you know why, since the kinds fighting Trump want these radical muslims to come to this once fantastic state. He did not vet's best flea and tick home spray say deport the ones that are now Americans, he desires to end them from coming and bringing ISIS with them.

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